As a small business I am conscious of reducing my impact on the environment and constantly strive to improve and find new ways of being sustainable.

Outsourcing: I use UK based companies who are committed to reducing their environmental impact through innovation, reuse and recycling. These companies consciously use (and constantly strive to improve) their means of production in more sustainable ways. 

Prints: Prints are created on 100% recycled, FSC certified and uncoated paper. They are printed with a dry toner press system uses inks made from organic biomass and comply with standard de-inking and recycling practices. The ink used is non-toxic and food safe.

Cards: Printed by a company who've been awarded Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and ISO Management certification.

Packaging: As much as possible I use paper tape instead of sell, honeycomb paper instead of bubble wrap and will often use cardboard that I have received to package framed orders. The 'plastic' card sleeves that I use are "Good quality Bio-based film clear display bags for greetings cards to present your finished cards professionally and Cellophane (True Cellulose) food grade bags. Both biodegradable and compostable. Made from annually renewable corn starch or cellulose (Wood fibre), these bags offer a bio-based alternative to polypropylene, PVC etc. which are fossil fuel derived and non renewable." The stickers I use are made from paper. 

I always try to use as much of a sheet of paper as I can and rarely throw 'mistakes' away. I will work out ways of recreating them for good use or hold 'seconds sales' for slightly damaged or imperfect pieces.